Game TypeAction
Platform Android, IOS

Bowmasters Game Review

Bowmasters is an action game developed by Playgendary. The game was released by Miniclip for iOS devices in August 2016 and for Android devices in November 2016.

This is an aim and shoot game. This game has six modes. Online player vs player, tournament, player vs computer, player vs friend, birds hunt and apple shooting.

In this game you select a character and play against an opponent. Kill your opponent to win the game. The weapons you can use will depend on the character you choose. There are 41 crazy characters and 41 dangerous weapons. Some of the characters are Robin with an arrow, Arnold with an axe, Julius with a spear, Bad Girl with a F-1 Grenade, Ice Lord with an ice spear and Thor with his mighty hammer.

You will combat on a location, where your character will be placed on one end of the screen and your opponent will be placed on the other end. The landscape will have some pits and high grounds. You have to aim and shoot your weapon towards your opponent to attack. Both you and your opponent's life-line will be shown on the top of the screen. For every hit you take your life-line will be go down. You will both be hitting each other back and forth. The 1st person to give more accurate hits will get to kill their opponent and win the game.

Once you kill your opponent, you will be rewarded with coins. You will receive more coins for headshots and bulls eyes.

To control your character, tap and move up and down to aim and move backwards to control the power of your shooting.

This is a free game to play. You can also buy in-game items with real money.

Bowmasters is a fun game to play. The visuals are very colorful and the characters look cute. Even though the killing and blasting of bodies are done in a cartoony way, this might make some players a bit uncomfortable.

Questions & Answers

Do I need an account to play Bowmasters?

No, it does not require an account.

Can I play Bowmasters offline?

Yes, you can play some modes of the game without being connected to the internet.

What is the age rating for Bowmasters?

Bowmasters is rated PEGI 12. Video games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters would fall in this age category.

Does Bowmasters contain ads?

Yes, there are ads in Bowmasters.

What devices is Bowmasters compatible with?

You can play Bowmasters on devices with at least iOS version 10.0