Farm Heroes Super Saga

Game TypeMatch 3
Platform Android, IOS

Farm Heroes Super Saga Game Review

Farm Heroes Super Saga is a match 3 game. It is developed by King. It was published for Android devices in June 2016 and for iOS devices in March 2021.

Help the squirrel to harvest adorable Cropsies and Super Cropsies on his farm so that he will get a chance to participate in the Country Shows. Beware of the nasty Rancid Raccoon and his tricks. In order to win the competition, he will do anything to stop you from entering.

To help with the harvesting you have to play match 3 games. You play Farm Heroes Super Saga level by level. At each level you will be given information on which Cropsies you have to harvest. In some levels, you will be asked to harvest flowers and Super Cropsies as well. To harvest a Cropsie, you need to make a match 3 with its adjacent similar looking Cropsies.

Make a square match with similar looking Cropsies to create Super Cropsies. To collect a Super Cropsie, you need to match 3 tiles again. To collect flowers, you will have to bring them to full bloom first. To bloom a flower bud, you need to match 3 tiles next to it.

You should also be aware of the total number of moves you have been given to play each level. If you run out of moves, you can gain a few more moves by buying them for a few coins. You and also replay the same level with a new life.

Every time you win a level , you will be scored according to your performances and the number of unused moves. You will also receive 1 to 3 stars and coins according to your score. Get more score to be the number 1 in each level's scoreboard.

At some levels you will come face to face with Rancid Raccoon. He will throw cans on your crops and disturb your harvesting. To remove the cans and to throw them back at him, you have to make match 3s next to the cans. If you fail to do so, then your match 3 board will be filled with cans and you might run out of space to complete the level.

The game controls in this game is very simple. Tap and drag to create match 3 and collect Cropsies.

Farm Heroes Super Saga is a good looking game. As, you go further into the game, the levels will get harder and harder. This might cost some players to do some in-app purchasing to continue playing.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Farm Heroes Super Saga offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline.

What is the age rating for Farm Heroes Super Saga?

Heroes Super Saga is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Do I need an account to play Farm Heroes Super Saga?

An account is not necessary to play this game.

Does Farm Heroes Super Saga contain ads?

Yes, it contains ads.

Does Farm Heroes Super Saga offer in-app purchases?

Heroes Super Saga offers in-app purchases.