Game TypePuzzle, Casual
Platform Android, IOS

Homescapes Game Review

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game. This game is developed by Playrix and released for Android and iOS in 2017.

In Homescapes, butler Austin comes back to his lovely childhood home to spend some time with his parents. But he was shocked to learn that they were planning to sell the house because of its condition. The house was in a very poor condition. There were lots of damages and Austin's parents are very old to work on the house themselves. Renovating it might cost a lot. Austin decides to fix his ancestral home and he needs your help.

You can help Austin by completing several levels of match-3 games. When you complete playing a level, you will receive 1 or more stars according to how hard the level is. You will also receive coins. You play each level by swapping adjacent pieces and matching them. If you are able to match more than 3 similar tiles, you will create boosters and explosives. To activate them, you have to double tap. Create huge explosions by bringing adjacent boosters together.

Once you have enough stars, you can help Austin to renovate his house and buy some new furniture. You can select the colors and the designs of the rooms and furniture yourself. You can also buy new lives and more boosters with the coins you have collected.

Also, there are a lot of small and big events you can participate in. Play them and collect special rewards like free lives, booster combos and more coins.

Homescapes is a very colorful game with lots of fun characters and an interesting story line. As you progress in the game, you will also learn a lot about the house's history. This is a free game to play. But you can purchase items like coins and boosters using real money too.