Identity V

Game TypeAction, Role Playing
DeveloperNetEase Games
Platform Android, IOS

Identity V Game Review

Identity V is a role-playing action game. The mobile game is developed by NetEase Games. It was released for Android and iOS devices in July 2018.

You assume the role of detective Orpheus in Identity V. Orpheus is a writer turned detective. One day he receives a letter in which there is a request to resolve a mysterious missing person case. The mysterious disappearance happened in an estate. So you, Orpheus, drive to the estate to investigate.

Once you enter the abandoned mansion in the estate, you receive clues like papers from a diary. When you read it, you will be taken back into the story as the character who has written it. Then everything turns into a horror story.

You become a survivor. You are being hunted by a crazy, evil and sadistic hunter. Your goal will be to work with 3 more teammates to decipher the mechanics of 5 towers. Then you can reach the main gate. There you will have to give the password to unlock it. Once it opens, you can escape from that horrible place. If the hunter gets a hold on you before you escape, you will be tortured and won't get a chance to escape.

Every time there is a hunter nearby, your heart will glow in purple color. You need to immediately get away from the spot where you are staying. If you had enough running away from the hunter, switch roles and play the hunter yourself instead.

Identity V, is a subplot (an event " Golden Rose Theatre Investigation") in the main story of this game. This specifically revolves around the murder which occurred at the Golden Rose Theatre.

The controls in this game are not so complicated. Tap the icons to do the actions. Drag to change the camera angle. Follow the footprints which appear on the screen to reach certain targets.

This is a game that you can play for free. You can pay several items within the game with money that will help to you speed up or enhance the gaming experience.

This is a thrilling, horror game. Definitely not for the faint of hearts.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Identity V offline?

An internet connection is required to play this game.

What is the age rating for Identity V?

The game is rated PEGI 12. Video games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters would fall in this age category.

What devices is Identity V compatible with?

It can be played on devices with at least Android version 4.1 or iOS version 10.0

Does Identity V contain ads?

No, there are no ads shown in this game.

Does Identity V offer in-app purchases?

Yes, it offers in-app purchases.