Klondike Adventures

Game TypeSimulation, Adventure
DeveloperVizor Apps
Platform Android, IOS

Klondike Adventures Game Review

Klondike Adventures is a city building simulation game developed by Vizor Apps. The game was first released in April 2018.

Your task is to explore the wild territories of Alaska and build a prosperous city with farms and factories. Earn gold by selling your goods and products to the locals. With your earnings you can buy houses and factories and decorate your city.

When you start the game for the first time you’ll find yourself at a camping station. The area has just been destroyed by an avalanche. You will be given certain tasks to do and shown the basics of farming and building.

Soon you can start to clear the area and grow your crops, build new buildings and fix the station. Take on orders and tasks from locals and get both experience points and gold in return.

Check out the map with a wide range of locations that you can visit. These locations will be unlocked once you make progress in the game.

Klondike Adventures is a charming city building game. The game is free to play and contains bonus content that can be unlocked with real money.

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Questions & Answers

Do I need an account to play Klondike Adventures?

Klondike Adventures can be played without an account.

What devices is Klondike Adventures compatible with?

You can play Klondike Adventures on devices with at least Android version 4.4 and iOS version 9.0.2

What is the PEGI rating for Klondike Adventures?

Klondike Adventures is rated PEGI 7 on Google Play. The game contains very mild forms of violence and hence not suitable for children below 7 years.

Does Klondike Adventures contain ads?

Yes, Klondike Adventures contains ads.

How much free space do I need for Klondike Adventures?

The amount of free space needed for Klondike Adventures varies per device. It is approx 210 MB for the iOS version.