State of Survival

Game TypeStrategy
DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings
Platform Android, IOS

State of Survival Game Review

State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse is a strategy game. The game is developed by KingsGroup Holdings. It was released for iOS and Android devices in August 2019.

People are infected by a new virus which broke loose after an accident in one of the laboratories. The people infected by the virus are turning into zombies and monsters. They have now started attacking uninfected humans. Your objective in this game is to create a base for the survivors and build your own army to fight against the threat.

At the beginning of the game a male character helps a girl escape the zombies. She then takes him to her place where there are other survivors. Together they hatch a plan to go back to the zombies and capture a fallen chopper. After a successful battle they get the chopper. After this the male character gets elected as the new leader of the survivors.

Now you can start the game by making new changes to the base. You can build farmlands, mills, warehouses, furnace, hospital and a lumberyard. You will have to pay with food and wood to purchase these or upgrade these items. You will also have to train and upgrade your army. You will need them when you go against a big number of zombies.

Because there are not enough resources, you must salvage whatever you can, whenever you explore new places. Collect as much as resources as possible. Kill the threat and occupy the area to turn your base into a big "Safe-Zone" city. There are cool weapons like the Gun Turret and the Pipe Bomb. These weapons, when placed strategically on the battle ground, will work automatically and help you during your battles.

The game controls appear on the bottom and sides of your screen. Tap to select them. To move the characters, simply tap where you want them to go. You do the same for the automated weapons. Select and tap on the location where you want to place them.

State of Survival is a free game to play. Building takes time. But you can speed up this process by making in-game purchases with real money.

Visually the game looks solid. This post-apocalyptic game will give you heart palpitations every time you go against the zombies and monsters

Questions & Answers

What is the age rating for State of Survival?

This post-apocalyptic game is rated PEGI 12. This rating is given for games that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters .

What devices is State of Survival compatible with?

You can play the game on devices with at least Android version 4.1 or iOS version 9.0

Does State of Survival contain ads?

No, there are not ads in this game.

Does State of Survival offer in-app purchases?

Yes, it offers in-app purchases.

How much space on my device do I need for State of Survival?

It requires minimum of 141 MB for Android devices and 408 MB for iOS devices.