Storyngton Hall

Game TypeMatch 3
Platform Android, IOS

Storyngton Hall Game Review

Storyngton Hall is a match 3 game. It is developed by BIT.GAMES. It was published for Android and iOS devices in August 2020.

The story of Storyngton Hall revolves around the Green family. Mr. Henry Green, Mrs. Mary Green and their beautiful daughter Miss Jane Green are the current members of the Green family. Recently they have inherited a Recency-era mansion. But it is in a desperate need of cleaning and renovation.

Mrs. Green and her wicked new neighbor Lady Regina Wroth have a bad history. Lady Regina Wroth always tries to pick on the Greens and treat them badly. So Mrs. Green wants their renovated mansion to be the talk of the town and show Lady Regina Wroth that the Greens are no less than the people of this rich neighborhood.

Help the Green family to renovate, redesign and redecorate their mansion and it's gardens. You need to play match 3 games to make these wonderful changes.

Every match 3 game comes with a goal and a given number of moves. To make a match 3, you need to gather 3 identical tiles by moving them next to each other. You can also collect more tiles with 1 move, if you are able to create special boosters. You have to match more than 3 tiles to make these boosters.

Place 4 identical tiles in a square to create Bug. Drag it to the next tile or double tap on it to launch it. The Bug will remove 4 adjacent tiles and 1 far wary tile. Match 4 identical tiles in a raw to create a Vertical Rocket. Match 4 identical tiles in a column to create Horizontal Rocket. To launch the rocket, move it to the next tile or double tap on it. It will remove all the tiles of that raw or column. Match 5 tiles on a "T" or a "L" shape to create the Bomb. Drag it to the next tile or double tap on it to activate the Bomb. Make a match 5 in a raw or a column to create the Rainbow Tile. Combine it with any 1 tile available next to it. This will remove all the tiles similar to that combined tile from the board.

Every time you complete a match 3 game, you will be rewarded with coins and hint stars. Use the coins to buy lives and special boosters. Use the hint stars to do each activity on the mansions. Once you complete a certain number of activities, you will be rewarded with special gifts.

The game controls of Storyngton Hall is very simple. Tap and drag to play the match 3 games. Tap on the desired item and click on the "Select" button to make changes in the mansion.

Storyngton Hall is a colorful game with a nice story-line.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Storyngton Hall offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline.

What is the age rating for Storyngton Hall?

It is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Do I need an account to play Storyngton Hall?

You can play it without an account.

Does Storyngton Hall contain ads?

Storyngton Hall doesn't contain any ads.

Does Storyngton Hall offer in-app purchases?

Yes, this game offers in-app purchases.