Super Starfish

Game TypeAction
Platform Android, IOS

Super Starfish Game Review

Super Starfish is an action game. It is developed by Protostar. It was published for iOS and Android devices in July 2018.

In this game you play as an interstellar Starfish. Your task is to swim across the cosmos and bring back life to your space home called "The Sanctuary". You have to swim through the dangerous cosmos very carefully. You should avoid black holes, quasars, meteors and colliding with other space objects. If collide or touch any of them, you will die and be sent back to the sanctuary.

While you are swimming through these spaces filled with obstacles, you have to collect stars and shells. The more stars you collect, the more points you will score. These points are similar to the distance you cover in a usually played endless runner games. With the shells you collect you can buy new plants, update your home and activate the prize cannon.

At the sanctuary you have to check for free rewards every day. When you activate the prize cannon, you can unlock new starfishes and complete new quests. Collecting 5 shells, passing 4 cosmic spaces and completing 5 star chains are some of the examples for the tasks you might have to do. When you complete these quests, you will receive moonstones as rewards. You can purchase new shells and work on building up your sanctuary, using these moonstones.

The controld in this game are very simple. Swipe towards the right or left side of the screen to move from one side to the other.

Super Starfish is a nice game with amazing visuals. It is so bright and very colorful.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Super Starfish offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline.

Do I need an account to play Super Starfish?

You don't have to create an account to play this game.

What is the age rating for Super Starfish?

It is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

What devices is Super Starfish compatible with?

You can play it on devices with at least Android version 5.0 or iOS version 11.0

Does Super Starfish contain ads?

Yes, this games displays ads.